In The Depth of Heavy Sorrow「悲しみの深い淵で」

In The Depth of Heavy Sorrow“「悲しみの深い淵で」

The coronavirus pandemic has ravaged the world, and each time I received the news of the passing of someone close, I was plunged into deep sorrow and despair. With each wave of tragic news, my heart felt as if it were being squeezed, yet I struggled to move forward with hope.

Amid the grief of losing friends, family, and loved ones, I was overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness, but still, I sought a glimmer of hope. As we faced the threat of the coronavirus, a cry of “Leave quickly” echoed in our hearts, and that wish became
a fervent prayer that resonated in sound.

This song, filled with a mix of sorrow, anger, and hope, represents and shares
the emotions of all those living through the pandemic. Now is the time to rise from
the depths of sorrow and take a step toward the future with courage.
Through this song, I hope to bring even a little healing and comfort.

“In The Depth of Heavy Sorrow”
Composed & arranged by SunnyG
April 28, 2020