“Coffee Break on Saturday Afternoon”「土曜の午後のコーヒータイム」

On a Saturday afternoon, seated by the window with a cup of coffee in hand, the aroma wafts through the air.

The outside is quiet, and the pleasant sunlight warms the room. The scent of coffee seems to announce the beginning of a leisurely weekend.

With each sip, a bittersweet taste spreads across the palate, soothing the week’s fatigue and infusing new energy.

The bitterness of the coffee reminds me of the daily small challenges and difficulties, while the acidity teaches the need for fresh stimuli and change.

Yet rather than analyzing these complex flavors, one prefers to focus on the comfort felt in the moment, in that place. Drinking coffee transcends the act of enjoying a mere beverage; it becomes a time to reflect on oneself.

Saturday afternoon coffee time is a precious opportunity to step away from the hustle and bustle and to introspect. In the tranquility that a cup of coffee brings, the mind becomes serene, and thoughts clear.

This time is for reaffirming what is important to oneself, what one wants to cherish. The fragrance of coffee gently escorts me on this journey of contemplation.

And when the last drop of coffee is consumed, the heart is content, and the body refreshed. Saturday afternoon coffee time is like a small ritual, preparing for the upcoming week.

The depth of the coffee’s flavor is profound, as is its effect. It is more than ju

st a drink; it is a part of life, a companion that comforts our souls.

”Coffee Time of Saturday afternoon”composed and arranged by SunnyG










作・編曲: SunnyG(サニー爺)